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Assessment & Progression

The Curriculum for Wales gives us the opportunity to ensure that students’ progress is the primary purpose of assessment.  To this end, we at Lewis Girls’ School place an emphasis on developing a holistic picture of each student’s development, focussing on wellbeing, being fit to learn and learning fit.

At Lewis Girls’ School we will fulfil the Curriculum’s Assessment Purposes as follows:

  • Support individual students on a daily basis

Formative assessment of consistently high quality in the day-to-day classroom, provides students and practitioners with a clear picture of attainment and next steps.

  • Identifying, capturing and reflecting on individual progress over time.
  • Understanding group progress in order to reflect on practice

Practitioners are given specific and regular periods to discuss the progress and needs of students and specific groups of students through professional dialogue in order to plan for further progress.  Such discussions facilitate any transfer and transition between  between classes and schools.  Formative assessment is made of national and standardised tests e.g. PASS.

Regular discussions are held with students, parents/carers and when necessary external agencies to evaluate and plan for learner progress.