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School Development Plan Summary

Lewis Girls’ School 
School Development Plan SUmmary 2021-2024



The School Self Evaluation Report (SSER) is an annual summary of where the school is in relation to its performance and what impact the previous year’s improvement planning had on raising standards and progress.  The evidence from this self-evaluation process will inform the priorities for the School Development  Plan (SDP). The self-evaluation cycle/process starts at individual subject teacher level and results in a ‘Subject Performance Report’ that can be discussed with the department and the senior line manager. The evaluative summary that is then written is the Departmental Self Evaluation Report (DSER). This informs the whole school Self Evaluation Report (SER), written in the autumn term. This ensures there is a robust identification of the priorities for the school.  The Department Improvement Plan (DIP) will be drafted in the autumn Term, using the same format as the SIP to identify Departmental Priorities.


Our vision is one in which learning and personal development is a partnership between teachers and students. Teachers are professional and skilled in their teaching and show a collective dedication to providing the highest quality experience and care for each child so they can access the best possible opportunities in life. Students value their education and are engaged in, enjoy and take responsibility for their learning.  We  work together to design  a  curriculum that  offers purposeful and relevant  experiences and opportunities so that  all students can  develop as  ambitious, capable learners, enterprising, creative contributors, ethically informed citizens and healthy, confident individuals.  Students can articulate and identify what and how they need to learn in order to achieve understanding and develop their skills and knowledge. They can co-create success criteria with teachers successfully and work with confidence and independence, sustaining engagement with their work and achieving high standards.  Students are successful in approaching blended learning and can take responsibility for learning independently and making choices about their learning. They understand that learning is for life.


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