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Plain black

– just below or above the knee.

Knitted jersey and short skirts are not to be worn.


Plain black.

Jeans, leggings, tracksuit bottoms, denim trousers or velvet material or fashion trousers, (e.g. skinny jeans, cargo trousers, large belts, buckles or zips) are not to be worn.

Shirt & Tie

White with school tie.


Jumper / Cardigan

Black ‘V’ neck jumper/cardigan bearing the ‘L’ motif.

Hoodies not to be worn (P.E. only).


A warm waterproof coat, plain and dark in colour – black/navy/dark grey.

Logos or motifs on the jacket must be kept to a minimum.  Denim jackets/coats are other brightly coloured coats are not to be worn.


Plain black – suitable for school.  Any boot above ankle height is not acceptable.

TRAINERS SHOULD NOT BE WORN DURING SCHOOL HOURS (except for P.E. lessons).  Black daps are provided for those wearing trainers without a note of explanation from a parent or an acceptable medical reason.

PE Kit
  • Black bottoms/ long leggings/ shorts/ skort
  • Black zip top with school logo
  • Trainers - Converse and high-top trainers are not permitted.
  • Black T Shirt with school logo

Students are permitted to wear PE kit to school on days that they have PE only. 

General Information

Make-up and nail varnish should NOT be worn to school.


Black or white to be REMOVED IN SCHOOL.

Socks / Tights

Plain black or white, short or ‘below the knee’.  Tights – plain black, white or flesh coloured tights are also acceptable.


To be worn in a reasonable style and, if dyed, to be of a naturally occurring human hair colour.  Hair accessories must be black, white, gold or silver.


A wrist watch.  ONE pair of SMALL, matching stud earrings if ears have been pierced – worn in the lower lobe of the ear.  The school cannot accept responsibility for jewellery worn to school.  No jewellery is to be worn in the face or parts of the body which have been pierced, other than the lower lobe of the ear.


NO OTHER JEWELLERY may be worn by students in Years 7-11.  Students breaking this rule will have their jewellery confiscated and it will be returned at the end of term.  Alternatively, parents may collect the jewellery from school at any time.

Should there be a temporary problem with any item of uniform, parents should write an explanation in the pupil’s planner.

Pupils should show this to their Tutor or Head of Achievement TO BE SIGNED.

Uniform Suppliers:

CC Sports

Kwik Stitch


Jansan Wear Ltd

AJM Embroidery