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Zen Den

The ‘Zen Den’ at Lewis Girls’ School

We have a brand new addition to our school: we are delighted to introduce the ‘Zen Den’. This is a sensory room which we have recently developed in order for our students to use when feeling overwhelmed. 

What is a sensory room?

In the bustling environment of a school, filled with activity and noise, it can sometimes become overwhelming for certain learners. This is particularly true for students with autism spectrum disorder and other additional learning needs. To address this, we have created our own sensory room in the form of a ‘Zen Den’, providing a safe haven of calm and control. Very often, just ten minutes of being able to 'breathe and be' will help a student regulate their emotions. Sensory rooms provide a tranquil space where students can retreat from the sensory overload of the typical school environment. This can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life for these students.