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Interested in joining Lewis Girls' School?

Are you keen for your child to join Lewis Girls' School?

Join Lewis Girls' School and be part of our vision: 

  • Learning and personal development as a partnership
  • Teachers are professional and skilled; they have a collective dedication to providing the highest quality experience and care. 
  • Students access the best possible opportunities in life. They value their education, are engaged in, enjoy and take responsibility for their learning.  
  • We work together to design a curriculum offering purposeful, relevant experiences and opportunities. 
  • Students develop as ambitious, capable learners, enterprising, creative contributors, ethically informed citizens and healthy, confident individuals
  • Students articulate and identify what and how they need to learn in order to achieve understanding and develop their skills and knowledge. They co-create success criteria with teachers, work with confidence and independence, sustaining engagement with their work, achieving high standards.  
  • Students are successful in approaching blended learning, take responsibility for learning independently, and make choices about their learning. 
  • Students understand that learning is for life.

Please fill in the form below.  A member of staff will contact you shortly to discuss your enquiry and to organise a visit to the school.