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Assessment & Progression

At Lewis Girls’ School we provide for appropriate progression and accord with the principles of progression set out in the mandatory ‘Progression Code’ – which applies to all learning across all AoLEs.

We use the Descriptions of Learning (DoLs) for each What Matters Statement and the Principles of Progression (PoPs) to plan and assess for students’ progression.

These broadly correspond to expectations for ages 5, 8,11,14 & 16 and offer guidance on how students should demonstrate progress within each Statement.

These are not used as a series of stand alone tasks, activities or assessment criteria, but as tools to consider students’ progress, support them in their learning journey and continuum of learning.

The Principles of Progression:  Broad principles of what progression means in the AoLE.  These include:

►increasing breadth and depth of knowledge;
►deepening understanding of the ideas and disciplines within areas of learning and experience;
►refinement and growing sophistication in the use and application of skills;
►making connections and transferring learning into new contexts and
►increasing effectiveness as a learner.


The Principles of Progression are embedded in learning and teaching and are the basis of planning the school curriculum and students’ progress within and across each Area of Learning Experience.