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Dear colleagues,

I hope that you are well.

We are pleased to now be back in over 75% of schools providing careers support to young people. I want to thank you for providing our advisers with a safe environment to deliver their work.

We are of course, keen to get back to 100% of schools so we can make sure that all young people have access to up to date information and the opportunity to discuss their career path. I’m confident that this careers support can also contribute greatly to their wellbeing, giving them focus, hope and support to work through some of the challenges that the pandemic has brought. I hope that we can continue to work together to make this possible.

Since our return to schools and as of last week, our advisers have been able to provide 3,634 face to face interviews in person and 373 by video. We have connected by phone with 2,149 pupils, and communicated with 8,736 pupils by text, email and messenger service. We have also been delivering some group sessions on our return with 177 sessions being delivered to 5,832 pupils.

Video interviews for years 10-13

We can now offer video interviews for pupils, in the schools where it is has not been possible for us to return and see pupils face to face. This is a safe alternative, in line with Welsh Government guidelines and via the secure HWB platform. We will of course seek head teacher consent before offering this service as well as provide you with a copy of our guidelines on this.

We know that young people may be catching up on core learning but releasing them from a lesson to access a 30-45 minute appointment with us will be hugely beneficial to their career planning.

Year 8 and 9 options

We are here to support young people choosing their GCSE options over the coming weeks. We have a range of resources and information available on our website for young people as well as their parents/carers. Careers advisers have arranged for this information to be sent out digitally and we will be promoting this across our other channels. Short animations for pupils and parents are also available.


Our Minecraft world CareersCraft will shortly be available to all Minecraft Education Edition users. Created primarily for those aged 8-13 years, this game is an opportunity for them to learn more about themselves, their skills and jobs within sectors linked to the AoLes within the new curriculum. Our flythrough of the game provides a great insight into this leading digital resource. Find out more about the worlds and CareersCraft on our website.

Upcoming events

In lieu of face to face events, we have stepped up our digital/online events to ensure young people can access our services as well as information on specific sectors.

This week, we held our popular Choose Your Future - Creative Pathways digital events on the 24 and 26 November. This was a great opportunity for those in years 10-13 to find out more about the sector and creative roles.

Over the next few weeks, we will have available two sector specific events with employers, ‘Let’s talk Welsh in the workplace’ and ‘Let’s talk working in care’

Our events pages can provide further details on all events available.

Employer engagement

We’ve produced some videos where teachers across Wales are talking about the benefits of engaging with employers on the Education Business Exchange and how this has helped them enrich the delivery of subjects.

Employer engagement is a great opportunity for young people to learn more about the world of work and we now have over 13K businesses on the exchange from a range of sectors. To find out more about accessing these employers contact us on

Stop! Don’t drop

Our October campaign that targeted those in sixth form and college who may have been feeling unsure of their choices and considering dropping out has gone well. We are now planning our January campaign to target the same groups.

Alumni community project

I’m pleased to say that our pilot alumni project working with 10 schools in the Valley Taskforce area is now live. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this project, based on employer engagement research, will inspire young people to learn more about the career opportunities available to them.


We have now completed the initial stage of gathering destination data and on the 10 November we will wrote to each local authority asking them to sign a pre-release agreement and then share the data for their verification.

We have recently asked schools to upload learner data to our management information system. We have a had a good response so far with 160 schools successfully uploading their data. Having this data is crucial to our delivery within your schools and we would be grateful for your continued support in facilitating this data sharing.

Annual report 2019-20

We have recently published our 2019-20 annual report and summary annual report on our website. If you get chance, please do look at our key highlights from the year and the ways that we have helped young people and adults with their careers. Alternatively, you can watch our short animation on our achievements.

I hope you have found this update useful and once again I want to thank you for your support in our return to schools and of our support to young people.

Nikki Lawrence, Chief Executive, Careers Wales

Twitter: NikkiLawrence99