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Class Charts for Parents

Lewis Girls’ School uses Class Charts to support learning.  This is an online system which staff use to record pupils’ achievement and behaviour, as well monitoring attendance.  We believe in working closely with parents.  One of the key benefits of using Class Charts is that we are able to securely share your child’s achievement and behaviour report with you and so keep you up-to-date in real time. 

Class Charts creates reports at both the class and student level that support us in tracking behaviour patterns and provide assistance when discussing behaviours with both parents/carers and students. By providing parents access to their child's profile (through a secure log-in and password on the Class Chart website or App), the site can promote a team effort between home and school to support a student. Since parents/carers can access their child’s information through the website or an App, it will help put all our teachers and parents/carers on the same page to best support our students. As soon as your child is awarded a positive achievement (point) in school or is given a negative behaviour then you will be alerted. This allows parents/carers to have an excellent understanding of how their child is progressing in school.  There is also a student app for them to see their own progress and reflect on their achievement & behaviour.  

We also use Class Charts to support all students by viewing student’s one-page profiles which is used to support learning and teaching. Additional Learning Needs and  are also accessible to staff using ClassCharts.  This is an important strategy in informing staff and supporting student needs. The Class Charts system is really simple and adaptable so that we have been able to create a completely personalised system that works for our school community. More information can be found below: 


Letter to Parents February 2023

Parent Guide


Introduction Video from Mrs Sherriff, Assistant Headteacher