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Cross-Curricular skills

The mandatory cross-curricular skills of literacy, numeracy and digital competence are essential for students to be able to access knowledge. They enable students to access the breadth of a school’s curriculum and the wealth of opportunities it offers, equipping them with the lifelong skills to realise the four purposes. These are skills that can be transferred to the world of work, enabling students to adapt and thrive in the modern world.

Students are provided with purposeful and authentic opportunities across the curriculum to:

  • develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills

  • be able to identify the common threads of mathematics in a variety of contexts; ranging from authentic ‘real-life’ experiences - discussing payslips, tax, and bank accounts with a focus on developing the importance of financial awareness - to in school cross curricular experiences - measuring and converting both metric and imperial units in numeracy and IDiscover lessons and studying scale and scale drawings in numeracy, ICreate and IDiscover lessons - and using this knowledge to progress in all aspects; underpinned by their mathematics and numeracy skills. 

  • be confident users of a range of technologies to help them function and communicate effectively and make sense of the world

These skills are embedded across the curriculum at Lewis Girls’ School.  It is the responsibility of all practitioners across all Areas to develop and reinforce these skill.

The cross-curricular skills frameworks

The Literacy and Numeracy Framework and the Digital Competence Framework sit alongside and align with this guidance. They provide supporting guidance for all practitioners, across all Areas, to ensure opportunities for the development of these mandatory skills. 

Students will develop growing sophistication in the use and application of skills, as identified in the Principles of Progression.