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New Curriculum

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What is ‘Curriculum’ at Lewis Girls’ School?

A school curriculum is everything a student experiences in school.  At Lewis Girls’ we have the needs of our students at the forefront of our minds.  We carefully consider What we teach, How we teach it and also Why we teach it within the unique context of our school community.

Curriculum for Wales, Additional Learning Needs agenda and pedagogical approaches have shaped and informed our vision.  Our broad and balanced curriculum is suitable for all students of differing ages, abilities and aptitudes.

This summary provides you with information on:

➢How our practitioners, students, parents, carers, and the wider community have been engaged to inform the curriculum development;
➢How the curriculum meets the required elements of the Curriculum for Wales, starting with the four purposes; 
➢Information on how we are approaching learning progression and its arrangements for assessment; and
➢How the curriculum will be kept under review, including the process for feedback and ongoing revision.
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