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Writing Skills:

❏Capital letters, full stops, commas.
❏Planning frames eg. Spider diagram, recount skeleton (Sue Palmer)
❏Range of sentence starters (ISPACED - Alan Peat)
❏Sentence structures/benefits of variety: simple, compound and complex.
❏Parts of Speech
❏Purpose and audience of a range of text types.
❏Spelling, specifically homophones: your, you’re, their, there, they’re.
❏Handwriting: legible not necessarily cursive.

Oracy Skills:

❏Talk 21
❏Place value up to a million.
❏Negative numbers - in the context of temperature.
❏Rounding- nearest 10, 100, 1000
❏Equivalent and simplifying fractions.
❏Addition and subtraction using the most efficient method for the question.
❏Fluency in their times tables up to 12x12.
❏Number sense - ‘does this look right?’ Use inverse operations to check it is correct.
❏Multiplying whole numbers using the grid method.
❏Division using bus stop or chunking for larger numbers.
❏Factors, multiples, primes, squares
❏Problems involving money.
❏Feeling safe, consent and unwanted contact
❏Managing Friendships
❏Recognising and managing pressure
❏Recognising prejudice and discrimination
❏Managing change, under mental health
❏Keeping personal information safe
❏My place in the community- positive relationships