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Parent Council

Parent Council Introduction (Senedd Rhieni)

The Parent Council consists of a group of parents who have a child in our school. Our Parent Council plays an important role in school improvement by ensuring that the parental perspective is represented and taken into account.  The Parent Council represents the views of parents at Lewis Girls' School. The council discuss the work of the school and promote contact between all parents and the rest of the school community. Members of the Parent Council discuss educational matters that all of importance to the whole school community.

Siva Canagassababady

My daughter joined Yr7 in 2021 and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to the success of the school in achieving the highest levels of teaching and student learning experience as a Governing Body and Parent Council member.

My background is Industrial Engineering with over 20 years in the private sector working in automotive manufacturing and aviation maintenance industries. I have a strong passion for Business Analytics, Performance Management and Organisation Excellence.

Debbie Gray

My name is Debbie Gray. I live in Nelson. I work at Llancaeach Junior School. My daughter is currently in year 9 and I joined the Parent Council last year. I enjoy being part of the school community and appreciate the opportunity to input into the decisions made by the school. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening and walking our dog.  

Nicola McGrath:

I have been a member of the school council for 4 years now. My daughter attends the school and is now in year 12. I am a Housing Environmental Health Manager. My hobbies include walking, hiking, sightseeing, dog training, reading and listening to music. 

I find the school council informative, helpful and useful. Subjects, information, updates, strategies, decisions, and guidance is discussed which helps children, parents and teachers. We are listened to, our opinions are taken into account and the school reacts quickly improving standards or amending guidance, strategies or policies. I find the school council very useful. It is informative for myself and my daughter. 


Amanda Portlock White

My daughter is currently a Year 10 pupil at Lewis Girls' School. I also have a son who is a pupil at Lewis School Pengam.

I am actually a former pupil of the school. I was a pupil at Lewis Girls' when it was still a split site school. I vividly recall having to make my way across Ystrad Mynach in order to move between the two sites for our PE lessons. I have lots of good memories of many of the teachers who taught me over the years, particularly when I was completing my A levels. After moving away from the area in order to go to university, I returned to the local area when I got my first job.

I have been teaching in a secondary school setting for the past 30 years and have had many different roles within education over the years. I currently teach in a school in Cardiff. I completed a Masters degree in autism at the University of South Wales last year and have been working in this particular field for the past 5 years. 

Prior to the covid pandemic, I helped set up and run a youth club in Nelson and during the years that the youth club was running, I got to know a number of the current pupils at Lewis Girls' School.