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The school’s vision and the requirements of the Curriculum Framework recognise excellent teaching is paramount in the realisation of the Four Purposes. 

Students and teachers work in partnership to progress learning and nurture personal development. Students value their education, show engagement, enjoy and take responsibility for their learning, make informed choices, co-create success criteria with teachers and work with confidence and independence.

Teachers are professional, skilled and model a collective dedication to providing the highest quality experiences and care. We use pedagogical approaches based on research and an understanding for high quality teaching and learning, securing a link between five critical questions and Curriculum for Wales 12 pedagogical approaches.  Together these form a methodological model we call the Learning Fit approach. LINK to next slide-29

Teaching and learning ensures equity; enabling all students to access a fully inclusive education.  The early identification of students’ needs and  barriers to learning is timely, with a flexible responsive approach for universal, targeted and specialist provision.