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Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE)

The guidance on RVE contained within the Humanities Area is statutory and is part of the Lewis Girls’ School curriculum.

The change of name reflects the expanded scope of religious education (RVE) and ensures the legislation itself is clear that RVE includes non-religious philosophical views.  

RVE in the curriculum is not about making students religious or non-religious; its teaching must promote openness, impartiality and respect for others. At Lewis Girls’ School, students are reminded that a neutral perspective often does not exist and that everyone sees the world through a lens, or mix of lenses. Students are provided with opportunities to explore and engage with differing philosophical convictions in order to gain a greater understanding of beliefs and practices within our world. 

The scope of RVE

The agreed syllabus for RVE must reflect both religious beliefs and also non-religious beliefs which are philosophical convictions.  These include beliefs such as humanism, atheism and secularism. 

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