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Behaviour and Reward Policy

Rationale of the Behaviour and Rewards Policy

Lewis Girls’ School is committed to creating an environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning. Everyone is expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to accept responsibility for their behaviour and encourage others to do the same. Our behaviour policy teaches self-discipline, not blind compliance. Children are rewarded for consistently demonstrating expected learning behaviours.

What the school expects of pupils will be displayed in posters that are visible around the school and in form rooms.

Rewarding positive behaviour – creating a culture of success

Positive and productive relationships with learners are central to excellent behaviour management. At Lewis Girls’ we recognise learners who go ‘over and above’ our expectations. Our rewards include verbal praise, positive recognition, additional responsibilities, positive notes, certificates, positive phone calls home, positive referrals and rewards. Staff also know that it is not just what you give but the way you give it that counts.

i) Awarding ‘Consistency’ points

These are an integral part of rewarding and acknowledging the behaviour of the majority of pupils. Every half term staff will be asked to award positive behaviour points onto the SIMs system. This is in the school calendar so that all subjects participate in this activity. This will be reported to parents through the monitoring and report process.

Staff do this by: calling up their teaching classes as a class list on SIMs and awarding each child a point for consistently doing the right thing, in their lesson, over the course of the half term.

ii) Extra-curricular achievement points

Any member of staff can acknowledge participation in extra-curricular activity by awarding 1 point to an individual child on the SIMs system. An explanation must be given e.g. School Council, Language Ambassador, Peer Mentor etc.

iii) Participation Points

A tutor can award a ‘participation’ point for activity outside school such as participation as an air cadet, national sporting honours etc.

Good attendance is rewarded as part of the whole school approach to behaviour.

Pupils who accrue further points will be given additional rewards

Behaviours for Learning – Ready, Respectful, Responsible

‘Ready’, ‘Respectful’ and ‘Responsible’ are used in our primary schools and will be known by the majority of our pupils. This will be used as the framework for applying a positive behaviour management (PBM) approach at Lewis Girls’ School.

At Lewis Girls’ School our minimum expectations of every learner is that they are Ready* (*ready to learn, ready to work), Respectful and Responsible. The following are given as examples of our expectations.

No pupil is to leave the school premises without permission and MUST sign out. Years 7, 8 and 9 are NOT allowed out of school. Years 10 and 11 are allowed out at lunchtime only when their attendance is sufficiently good to deserve this privilege – with a valid Lunch Pass. (Pupils arriving back late after lunch, or lending their Pass to someone else, will have their passes temporarily withheld). ALL pupils are strongly advised to remain within the school premises during the lunch hour.

The authority of the Headteacher extends beyond the school gates.
Where a pupil is identifiable as a Lewis Girl, and her conduct damages the good name of the school, the Headteacher will take appropriate action.

In summary, we expect pupils to:

  • Be Prepared – with correct uniform and equipment.
  • Be Ready – to learn and allow others to learn.
  • Be Punctual – for registration and all lessons.
  • Be a Good Listener – and follow instructions.
  • Be Respectful - to all.