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Our approach to Welsh is to develop the Welsh ethos around the school so that visitors can clearly see that this is a school in Wales.   Students have the opportunity to develop their language in Welsh lessons and use incidental Welsh in other lessons. Welsh  culture is developed across a range of Areas of Learning Experience, including the Expressive Arts (ICreate), Languages (ICommunicate) and Humanities (IExplore).  Students experience authentic and purposeful opportunities to develop their culture and Welsh language in these subject areas.

The school environment also promotes the Welsh language and culture by focussing on key words being displayed around the school, greeting students in Welsh and staff using Welsh phrases in assemblies. 

Students are also encouraged to use Welsh outside of school by using Apps and websites to enhance learning.

The school organises activities which develop students’  use and enjoyment of  the Welsh language. 

There is a weekly Criw Cymraeg meeting which is well attended by students from  years 7, 8 and 9. The Criw Cymraeg have organised competitions on St. Dwynwen’s Day and St. David’s Day. They have also created a Thought for the Week during Welsh week.

They are currently working on identifying areas around the school where bilingual signs are needed and are creating their own bilingual signs