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Year 10 IBelong Curriculum

Year 10 Autumn term

GCSE Physical Education

All students will choose their three activities for the practical exam worth 50% and will need to start to gather as much evidence at competitions for their 'out-of-school' activities. This will be collated throughout the year, in preparation for the practical exam in year 11.   In theory lessons the students will start with Unit 1: Health, exercise & fitness. They will apply the theory content to sporting experiences and explore how a sedentary lifestyle, lifestyle choices, diet and areas of fitness will affect their life journey and sporting performance.  They will be assessed through topic tests and the quality of homework both in books & on google classroom.  In practical lessons they will be carrying out fitness tests in preparation for the coursework - designing a personal fitness programme. 

LEVEL 1/2 Sports and Coaching Principles

Students will start the course completing Unit 2: Fitness for sport. They will complete a booklet looking at structure and functions of body systems, the short and long term effects of exercise, principles and methods of training to highlight their understanding of each topic and will be assessed through topic tests.

Skills Challenge

This term students are currently working on the Enterprise and Employability Challenge. They will be working in teams to assess their personal skills applying for a specific team role. Students will then design and make a Christmas product they could sell at a Christmas fayre. Students will have to 'pitch' their product to a panel of experts, just like Dragons Den!

Health and Social Care and Childcare

Year 10 students are working through Unit 1: Human Growth, Development and Wellbeing. This is in preparation for an external exam in the summer (40% of overall grade). There are 4 sections of content: Human Development (current delivery), Physical and Mental Health, Individual Active Participation, Early Intervention.                                                                                                                                                                      

During lessons, students are working through ebooklets and in time, will establish a relevant mix of electronic and written tasks.

At home, students can access a range of resources via the WJEC online links. This will provide further reading opportunities.


Year 10 Spring Term

GCSE Physical Education/Sport

This term, we will begin looking at Unit 2 - Exercise Physiology and make links to body systems that help provide sporting movements.

Sport -  This term, we will continue to develop their knowledge on components of fitness, the tests and definitions of all the components.

General PE

Students will be given the option to continue to work on their competitive skills through team activities or independently work on their personal fitness

Skills Challenge

Year 10 are working on their Enterprise & Employability Challenge.  Students  have to work in teams between 3-6 to make a christmas product they could sell at a Christmas Fayre. The challenge centers upon making an original product which teams will have to 'pitch' to a panel of judges, like Dragons Den.

Health and Social

Throughout the spring term, all students will continue to complete the key areas of content for Unit 1. The section of work delivered in the spring term provides an important foundation for learners to gain knowledge and understanding of how individuals grow and develop throughout the life cycle, and to be able to analyse the factors that influence this. Students will complete ebooklets, with a focus on the factors affecting growth, development and wellbeing. All HSC Students are required to study the following topic areas: - Physical, social, emotional, economic and environmental factors. Lessons will be delivered through a range of teacher guided live lessons, pre recorded clips, ebooklets, independent research tasks, subject specific internet links, interactive online tasks.

Year 10 Summer Term


Students will continue to make progress in the practical part of the course through developing and refining their performance in athletics and rounders. All students will complete the coursework PFP (Personal Fitness Programme) which will aid their sporting performance in their main activity.

General P.E.

Students will be given the option to continue to work on their competitive skills through team activities or independently work on their personal fitness. All students will compete in athletic events in readiness for sports day on July 7th.

Skills Challenge

This term students will be embarking on their Individual Projects. This is worth 50% of the total marks and is a research based piece of work about a topic that is of personal interest or a career pathway. This project will overlap into Year 11.