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Year 10 ICalculate Curriculum

Year 10 Autumn term

Mathematics and numeracy

Students will cover five themes in preparation for their GCSE mathematics and GCSE mathematics-numeracy examinations at the end of Year 11. These are number, algebra, geometry and measures, statistics, and applications. The vast majority of number skills will be developed in Year 10 as the application of these is required throughout the course. Whilst algebra can be an abstract area of mathematics, we take opportunities to explore its applications particularly in the formation and solution of equations to model real-life situations. Students will be encouraged to always check their solutions of equations by substituting their answer into the original question. Students are set one independent task each week via Hegarty Maths. When completing this task they should be making detailed notes in their Hegarty diary while watching the instructional video. They would then use these notes to answer the questions on the online quiz. The notes will be vital for their revision for future mocks. Student progress will be monitored with a series of Mock papers. These are planned to take place in the autumn 1, spring 2 and summer 2 terms. After each mock students will receive detailed personalised feedback highlighting areas of strength and topics that will require future revision. With regards to the official WJEC exams, students will not be entered for the Mathematics exams until the Summer term of year 11. This year we have started the numeracy surgery, this is an opportunity for students to access extra support, a quiet place to work or a chance to catch-up on work missed when absent from school. The numeracy surgery is open every Tuesday and Thursday afterschool or during lunchtime on a Wednesday.

Year 10 Spring term


Students will be introduced to familiar and new topics. During the term, students will develop problem-solving skills, generate strategies to solve problems that are unfamiliar, and answer questions that span more than one topic area of the curriculum. Some of the topics that will be revisited throughout the term are mental calculations and calculations without the aid of a calculator, estimations, understanding 3-D shapes, and the collection and analysis of data. MathsWatch is a vital tool to aid your child’s independent learning, the website address is If your child requires any extra support with their independent maths or numeracy work, the Numeracy Surgery will take place at lunchtime on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Year 10 summer term

Mathematics and numeracy

During the summer term students will be developing their knowledge of geometry, including angles and bearings, working with circles and finally moving onto loci and construction. Many of these topics require the use of mathematical instruments such as a compass and a protractor. If students have geometry equipment they are encouraged to bring them to all lessons to familiarise themselves with their own equipment. In the second half of the summer terms year 10 students will be sitting their final mock assessment of year 10. There are many online resources for students to use to help them prepare independently such as MathsWatch -, MyMaths and Corbett Maths - Weekly independent tasks on Hegarty Maths with continue to be set either as preparation for upcoming lessons or consolidation of previously taught skills. The Numeracy Surgery continues to run at lunchtimes from Tuesday to Thursday and afterschool on Tuesday for any extra support with maths or numeracy work.