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Year 11 ICalculate Curriculum

Year 11 Autumn term

Mathematics and numeracy

Students continue to focus on five themes in preparation for their GCSE mathematics and GCSE mathematics-numeracy examinations. These are number, algebra, geometry and measures, applications, and statistics. Application of mathematical skills is embedded throughout lessons and learners will be provided with opportunities to tackle many different question types as exemplified in the sample assessment materials and numeracy specific questions. Developing numerical reasoning skills will be a focus in all lessons. To help further develop students' numeracy skills they are given a weekly independent task called “Big Hitters”. These consist of questions of the more frequently seen topics in the numeracy exams. The following Monday these are discussed and reviewed as a class where model answers are created to provide support for future tasks. Students will have the opportunity to sit mock examinations during the autumn 1, spring 1 and spring 2 terms. After each mock students will receive detailed personalised feedback highlighting areas of strength and topics that will require future revision. With regards to the official WJEC exams, students will not be entered for the Mathematics exams until the Summer term of year 11. This year we have started the numeracy surgery, this is an opportunity for students to access extra support, a quiet place to work or a chance to catch-up on work missed when absent from school. The numeracy surgery is open every Tuesday and Thursday afterschool or during lunchtime on a Wednesday.

Year 11 Spring term


Pupils will further develop topics taught in year 10 and continue to be introduced to some new concepts. During the term, students will develop problem-solving skills, generate strategies to solve problems that are unfamiliar, and answer questions that span more than one topic area of the curriculum. Some of the topics that will be revisited throughout the term are mental calculations and calculations without the aid of a calculator, estimations, understanding 3D shapes, and the collection and analysis of data.  Teachers will also be addressing topics that have been identified in the analysis from the most recent mock examination.  MathsWatch is a vital tool to aid your child’s independent learning, the website address is Independent work consists of Numeracy past paper packs called the “Big Hitters” ; these are discussed in class highlighting appropriate techniques and question strategies. If your child requires any extra support with their independent maths or numeracy work, the Numeracy Surgery will take place at lunchtime on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Year 11 Summer term

During the summer term year 11 students will be making their final preparations for the maths and numeracy GCSE assessments. Lessons will focus on consolidating the skills taught throughout their time at Lewis Girls’ School focusing on exam style questions and revision techniques. Year 11 students will continue to receive weekly past paper packs as independent work to complete before being reviewed as a class. It is important that all students take full advantage of the opportunities being provided to help them achieve the best possible grades. This includes involving themselves in class discussions, asking questions at the point of confusion, completing independent tasks in full and attending revision sessions when possible. There are many online resources available to students to aid in their revision such as MathsWatch, Hegarty Maths  , Corbett Maths and MyMaths We are also providing weekly revision sessions with the Mathematics department and The Numeracy Surgery continues to run at lunchtimes from Tuesday to Thursday and afterschool on Tuesday for any extra support with maths or numeracy work.