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Year 7 IBelong Curriculum


Year 7 Autumn term


During the autumn term we introduce learners to the Well-being programme, which is integrated with Active Well-being and food lessons. This encourages learners to make connections between different areas of the curriculum.  During the autumn term, learners are posed with the question of "What Makes a Healthy Year 7 Student?". We start the year by reflecting on the experiences of the last few months, considering what the process of transition from primary to secondary school has been like, and inviting students to write us a letter of introduction, applying their literacy skills in an authentic context. This enables learners  to describe their experiences of primary school, special achievements and interests, both in and outside of school, and to outline the things they are looking forward to in secondary school, alongside any worries they may have, feeding into the I Belong agenda. Students then engage with a unit of work on media literacy. In a media rich world, it can be difficult to separate facts from opinion and bias. A key element of learners’ personal development is to develop critical thinking skills that will enable them to make positive, well-informed choices. This unit introduces students in the way news and information is presented to us.  During the second half of the autumn term pupils will complete the School Health Research Network biennial school health behaviours survey. This gathers important information on 7 key areas of health and wellbeing. Following this, we will focus on relationships and self-identity.  Learners will consider the influences that are shaping them into the individuals they are. They will explore self esteem and resilience, the nature of friendship, bullying and family life. We will also raise awareness of young carers by exploring the important role they fulfil within many families. 

Active Wellbeing

Learners explore what makes a Healthy Year 7 pupil through various activities. This will develop their knowledge of the benefits that physical activity can have on their physical, mental & social wellbeing. They will participate in a range of fitness activities so they can start to evaluate their current fitness level. They will develop their knowledge & understanding of components of fitness and how these are used in various sporting activities. All students will take part in a  1km 'well being' warm up walk/run/jog at the start of each fitness lesson. 


Learners will be completing a number of makes, that incorporate skills and techniques relevant to everyday cooking e.g. Knife skills, handling food, hygiene food storage, food preparation, recipe writing, etc. There are also links to the IDiscover theme of 'sustaining the planet' with students looking at hydroponics growing vegetables, Soil conditions and pollination, which will give students the knowledge to be able to plant and grow food that they can cook in the future.  Learners link to active wellbeing by considering and calculating the number of calories in what they produce.  Always considering and using healthy options in their bakes/makes.

Year 7 Spring Term

Health & Wellbeing

During the first half of the spring term,students will focus on mental health and emotional well-being. They will use digital workbooks to reflect on their learning, with practical activities to help build understanding, empathy and the skills required to help support positive mental health, alongside coping strategies and work to build resilience. During the second half of the spring term, Year 7 will focus on work related learning.  This assignment provides learners with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the attitudes and behaviors looked for in the workplace, as well as an introduction to the concept of jobs and career planning.  The topic is delivered via digital workbooks, which will be supported with sessions led by Business in the Community, using Barclays Lifeskills materials and resources. The assignments will aim to provide a blended learning experience, with class tasks complemented by independent learning.  

Active Wellbeing

Students will participate in a range of activities that can be performed at various intensities.  Students will continue to experience activities that can be used to develop life-long healthy living.  These activities will be fitness focused through competitive and creative activities. Activities will include hockey, benchball, problem solving and dance/gymnastics.

Year 7 Summer Term

Active Wellbeing

Students will perform in a variety of athletic events in lessons in readiness for sports day on July 7th. Students will continue to experience activities that can be used to develop life-long healthy living.  Students will be given the opportunity to develop their catching, throwing and decision making skills through summer activities such as rounders, tennis and volleyball.


During the first half of the summer term the focus is on the development of healthy habits. The big question we are responding to is “What Makes a Healthy Year 7 Pupil?” We are focusing in particular on personal care. Pupils will be working collaboratively to create a website design covering different aspects of personal care, including breast health awareness. Alongside this topic, the Community Police Liaison team will also be coming in to deliver sessions on alcohol awareness. During the second half of the summer term the focus shifts to financial education. As part of the programme, lessons will also be delivered by representatives from Barclays Lifeskills. We will be covering areas such as banking and budgeting basics, and choosing a bank account.