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Year 7 IExplore Curriculum

Year 7 Autumn term

The theme for year 7 is ‘Pride and Prejudice’.  In the autumn term, learners are challenged with ‘big questions’-How does humanities shape us?  What matters in history, geography, social/business studies and religion, values and ethics (RVE)? These thought provoking questions introduce learners to key concepts, terms and ideas within the study of history and geography, also the core principles of religion as a whole.  Learners focus on why they should be proud to be an ethically informed citizen.  Learners showcase their knowledge, skills and experiences to independently answer the question-’How does my life compare with the life of someone else in the world?’

Year 7 Spring term


In the spring term, learners are posed the question-’What are the dangers of not being an ethically informed citizen?’  This links to the theme and challenges learners to think critically, discuss and present their views on ‘What is prejudice and discrimination?  In contemporary and historical contexts and Wales and the World.  Learners have the opportunity to investigate what slavery, immigration (Wales), rich/poor, business and religion, teach us about prejudice.  Learners are introduced to religion, values and ethics focusing on the idea that many beliefs we may have about religion are based around stereotypes/misconceptions.  Learners showcase their knowledge, skills and experiences to independently answer the question-’Why is it important to be an ethically informed citizen?

Year 7 Summer term


In the summer term, learners are asked to consider how our choices are influenced by pride and prejudice. They will engage in a range of activities which will allow them to explore Welsh history and politics. Learners will have the opportunity to engage with issues relating to democracy and the ability to vote at 16 in Wales. Knowledge and understanding will be developed through the use of a variety of learning methods such as modelling, independent tasks, collaborative work and independent research.