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Year 9 ICreate Curriculum

Year 9 Autumn term


Learners are encouraged to make connections to music which is also an iCreate subject. We will do this through exploring the joint theme of ‘Regular/ Irregular’. In art, learners will start the autumn term investigating how ‘regular’ forms can transform into ‘irregular’ structures through metamorphosis. To develop their understanding of this theme, learners will explore the artwork of contemporary artists such as Dan Hillier, Nanzio Paci and Rosalind Monks. Whilst recording visual information, learners will use a variety of media selecting those which they feel will best reflect their improvised creative ideas.


In the first part of term students will learn about the origins of Jazz and its various sub-genres e.g. Traditional, Big Band, Swing, Modern and Blues. When learning about the 12 Bar Blues, they will learn about this frequently used pattern in Blues/Jazz and the importance of the Primary Chords (I, IV, V) across all genres of Western Music. In line with the Expressive Arts theme of Regular/Irregular, there will be a focus on the very regular counting and chord patterns employed by jazz musicians performing in this style. i.e. 4 beats per bar, 12 bars per section, and the very regular structure of Intro-Head-Improvisations-Head-Outro that is employed in jazz music. The second half of the term will focus on Christmas music.

Year 9 Spring term


Irregular Metre

Students work on performing ‘America’ from West Side Story by Bernstein and explore the irregular nature of its metre. They are encouraged to interpret chord symbols in their own style (e.g. arpeggiating, broken chords etc) to fit the 3 / 4 - 6/8 alternating metre.

Regular Metre

Latin American Music: Students learn to perform a Latin-style melody and learn about several strict-tempo, regular Latin American dances - Bossa Nova, Samba, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Tango etc.. They are provided with differentiated musical parts and can self-construct the activity to suit their strengths and instrumental disciplines. Supporting Slides are provided as well as listening quizzes and a pentatonic improvisation element that builds on the 12 Bar Blues (Jazz) improvisation work covered in the Autumn Term.


This term, students are building on the theme ‘Regular/ Irregular’ exploring how artists such as Dan Hillier and Nunzio Paci use metamorphosis  to compose ‘surrealist-like’ two dimensional imagery for a digital game cover. After investigating different creative possibilities exploring a range of appropriate media, students will compose their final work. To support their learning and expose them to further creative possibilities, students will be introduced to using digital media exploring the benefits of using layers.

You can support your daughter, through looking at her sketchbook and discussing the work she is doing exploring this theme. You could encourage your daughter to record items related to the theme in her sketchbook through drawing, painting or photography.

Year 9 Summer term


The World in Union. Holst: Planets Suite (Jupiter) Pupils is introduced to this (Rugby World Cup) music through singing as a whole class in order to familiarise themselves with it. This is learnt on keyboards (or instrument of the pupil’s choice). Group, pair or solo performances are allowed and an element of singing is strongly encouraged. Pupils respond to a variety of famous songs/pieces written for Special Occasions. Candle in the Wind – Elton John (Diana Version), Crown Imperial (Walton), Zadok the Priest (Handel), Chariots of Fire (Vangelis), Barcelona (Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe). Pupils explore Popular Music and the regular, formulaic structure employed by most artists for song-writing. They perform from a selection of well known pop songs and then create their own song using the formulaic approach found in most chart pop music.


In the summer term, we will continue to  explore the theme of ‘Regular/ Irregular’ as the iCreate theme for this term.  We will focus on exploring how popular fashion can be inspired by influences from the natural and animal world. In this unit of work, we will investigate how the design of the common shoe can be imaginatively developed through exploring design solutions to produce innovative three dimensional work. This project will involve skills in working as part of a team to make decisions about the form and function of the shoe. Creative inspiration for this unit of work will involve exploring the highly original designs of makers such as Filipino designer Kermit Tesoro.